The Everpure Technology

Everpure Technology – Simply More Efficient

Everpure sets the standard for water filtration. Our filter membrane has nearly six times the filtering surface area of carbon filters, so it's like packing nearly six filters into one canister.

Unlike solid carbon block filtration systems, our technology's accordion-folded filter membrane is covered with a very fine activated carbon coating, Micro-Pure, on both sides of the membrane. Our combination of an accordion-folded membrane and Micro-Pure coating results in incredibly consistent performance. Our exclusive pre-coat filtration removes off-tastes, odors and particles as small as 0.5 micron in size; including lead and asbestos, making your drinking water as clean and healthy as possible. Some Everpure filtration systems offer added protection against VOCs, THMs and MTBE. Others include a bacteriostatic that combats the growth of bacteria in the cartridge.

When you purchase an Everpure filter, you can rest assured that your purchase is unmatched in the industry for removing impurities and other substances in drinking water. Our pre-coat filters also ensure that the last drop of water is as great as the first, not only in taste, but in performance as well. Everpure filters provide continuous, reliable functionality through the entire life of the cartridge, securing balanced filtration of particles and chemicals. Other filter companies have unsuccessfully tried to imitate our exclusive technology. Discerning consumers demand genuine Everpure filters for purely superior filtration.