Celebrating Drinking Water Week

While readily available and inexpensive when compared with bottled water, tap water from the home or office faucet is almost universally shunned as a source of drinking water – in large part because people are not sure what is in it. Everpure, LLC, the leading authority on drinking-water filtration, supported National Drinking Water Week by offering free Water Test Strip Kits to the public from May 6 – 12, 2007. By offering this free kit, Everpure helped people understand what may be in their drinking water. 

“Our aim was to offer peace of mind to consumers by giving them the opportunity to finally find out what actually may, or may not be, in their tap water,” says Eleni Yianas, Everpure’s director of marketing for residential products.

For more information on testing your water, contact your local Everpure dealer or e-mail us at info@everpure.com. As part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Primary Drinking Water Regulations, all drinking water suppliers must provide the public with annual statements describing the water supply and its quality. To obtain this report with additional information concerning water quality in any city nationally, consumers can visit their city’s Department of Environmental Protection Web site.