Everpure’s New Products Featured in Kitchen and Bath Design News

EVERPURE is featured in the July 2006 issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News! Reaching a circulation of more than 51,000 influential specifiers, EVERPURE is featured in the July 2006 issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News ... virtually owning the issue! EVERPURE's new Commercial Grade Instant Hot Water Dispenser and Commercial Grade Water Chiller are featured in the "New Products" section with the attractive headline, "Commercial Grade Units Dispense Hot & Cold Water." Debra Barton is also featured in the same issue under "Appointments" and EVERPURE's full-page ad, "Everpure: The Ultimate Kitchen Upgrade," ran on page 25. Readers of Kitchen & Bath Design News were definitely exposed to an impressive dose of EVERPURE messaging in the July issue!


Issue: July 2006

Title: Commercial Grade Units Dispense Hot & Cold Water

Circulation: 51,031

Info: Designed for the kitchen and bath remodeling field of the residential construction industry. Covers news, trends, innovations, market news, trade shows and issues in the kitchen and bath industry.