Lifetime Television viewers win the H-1200 in ‘Swagtime’ Giveaway

The H-1200 receives MORE coverage from its involvement in Madison & Mulholland's Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag! In March, to celebratate the Oscars, EVERPURE (along with companies like Avianne Q2 Diamond Watches and the Madarin Oriental) offered 30 `A-list' stars a complimentary EVERPURE H-1200 water filtration system as part of the Madison & Mulholland Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag. Since the awards ceremony on March 5, 2006, EVERPURE has received attention from the media as well as celebrities. EVERPURE's popularity has continued with a feature on Lifetime Television and with the network's `Swagtime' give away. Through Lifetime's television network and Web site, viewers have been encouraged to win the same `swag bag stars like Heath Ledger, Falicity Huffman, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney... recevied.' EVERPURE's current feature on is not only incredible coverage but another fantastic way of continuing to establish EVERPURE brand recognition as well!