Discover Ultimate Luxury With An Everpure Prep Sink/Wet Bar Filter

Hanover Park, Ill., April 21, 2006—Traditionally, if a homeowner had an undercounter water filtration system, it resided solely under the kitchen sink. While this may be fine for basic cooking and consumption, it can compromise water quality when using water from a prep sink, wet bar, or pot filler. EVERPURE, LLC is proud to break with this tradition with the introduction of its all-new Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System, Model no. PBS-400. As compact as it is powerful, it can easily mount under virtually any countertop, where it employs cutting-edge technology to remove contaminants and improve the taste of water from the kitchen or wet bar.

The Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System utilizes carbon-impregnated non-cellulose filtration media, which allows it to drastically reduce the effects of particulate, cyst, and turbidity problems, while removing lead and improving flavor. The resulting water is the ideal ingredient for clean food preparation in the kitchen and top shelf-quality mixed drinks in the home wet bar. The Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System also includes a special additive to control scale, which, in the wet bar setting, translates to crystal-clear, restaurant-quality ice for mixed drinks. Despite its compact size, it can deliver an impressive 2.2 GPM, meaning that, with the appropriate water pressure, it can fill an entire gallon container in less than 30 seconds.

The EVERPURE Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System comes complete with filter, head (with integral shut-off valve), stainless steel fittings, and flow-control device. Installation is quick, and changing out the filter—courtesy of the EVERPURE bayonet-mount head—takes just a few minutes. Best of all, however, is the simple fact that the new Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System will eliminate the need to compromise water quality at the prep sink, wet bar, and pot filler.

Since 1933, EVERPURE has been a leader in manufacturing commercial water treatment solutions and services worldwide. More restaurants depend on EVERPURE for their water filtration needs than any other brand. EVERPURE has also become a trusted provider of drinking water systems to vending, consumer, marine and aviation markets, and has aided numerous industry leaders in the improvement of their water treatment. Recently, the company became part of the Water Technologies Group of Pentair, Inc. (NYSE: PNR). For more information about EVERPURE's new Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System, contact EVERPURE at (800) 323-7873 or visit