Polaria™ Instant Water Chiller

Part No. EV9318-30

The Everpure Commercial Grade Water Chiller measures just 14 inches high by seven inches wide and 17 inches deep and is easy to hide in any kitchen, wet bar or outdoor kitchen.

The water chiller features:

  • The capacity to deliver up to 1.3 gallons of freshly chilled water per hour.
  • A .7 gallon internal tank and a whisper-quiet, hermetically sealed, maintenance-free compressor, which uses an ozone-friendly HFC-134 refrigerant.
  • Low electricity wattage.

 The chiller can also be combined with Everpure’s water filtration systems and the new Designer Series Drinking Water Faucet.

The chiller is an incredible asset in the home, making it possible to enjoy baking and making ice-cold beverages all at your own pace.

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